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Under The Spell Of Amina Muaddi's Heel

Meet Amina Muaddi, designer of the heel that has become the hype.
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When Amina Muaddi launched her shoe label on Instagram, her first collection was sold out in one day. Against all the odds, as she had previously considered a costly agency to announce the launch of her brand to the press. Since then, the Romanian-Jordanian designer has been able to build a very personal and direct relationship with her clientele through social media like no other. Even Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Dua Lipa are fans.


Amina Muaddi's signature style? The stiletto with a flared base. In English, better known as the kick flare throughout. You can recognize a Muaddi from miles away in the street, and Instagram has been under the spell of this geometric maverick for a while now. This is apparent from the 81K followers on the brand's Instagram account and another 225K on her personal account.


Before the birth of her brand, Amina was already a regular guest during fashion weeks. She was often spotted alongside the Italian influencers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini, the duo behind The Attico. With her cute appearance, playful style and a firm dose of attitude, she regularly makes the lists of best-dressed influencers.


And while we are still talking about aesthetics, her sense of style is clearly expressed in the design of perfect harmony between form, color, and material. She describes the style of her shoes as sassy, playful, flamboyant, and a bit dramatic.

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