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The unique Max Mara Resort 2020 at the Neues Museum in Berlin

30 years after the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the fashion house Max Mara celebrates the renaissance of the capital.
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Berlin is a city where art, architecture and design thrive, and the works of contemporary generation - Foster, Piano, Gehry, Libeskind, Chipperfield - find their place among the old masters - Schinkel, Gropius and van der Rohe.


The aesthetic inspirations of the Max Mara fashion house have always been closely related to architecture, and the Berlin Neues Museum building is ideally suited to the brand's philosophy: respect for legacy, history and education, and a great passion for modernism. Max Mara is proud to be the first fashion house to have their own fashion presentation in the monumental spaces of this museum.

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Berlin's Neues Museum has one of the most famous prehistoric artefacts collections. The spectacular Bronze-age metal objects - such as one of the most interesting exhibits of the museum, the golden leaf helmet, known as the Golden Cap of Berlin - has become a source of inspiration for the collection's jewelery line, which was created together with the jeweler Reema Pachachi. The subtle shine of ancient metal is also embroidered in the luxurious beige Max Mara fabrics - cashmere and wool.

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Berlin has been home to many great artists, including Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie, who have spent some of their creative years in this city. Both artists donated a great deal to Berlin and have even met once on a filming site - the 1978 Weimar-style drama "Only Gigolo". Enigmatic and superbly controlling their image, Bowie and Dietrich both admired the tight cut suits, wide pants, and raincoat-tight waist. These details can also be seen in the Max Mara collection.

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Max Mara's Berlin Coat is dedicated to Berlin. Perfectly white, with a tight silhouette and accentuated shoulders, embroidered with flowers - a detail that expresses respect for the German porcelain creator Meissen. This coat has become the summary of the collection and combines excellent design, history and emotion.

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Prof. Dr. Matthias Wemhoff, Head of Prehistory and Early History at Neues Museum, said that the reason for adopting the Max Mara fashion house in the museum space is simple - fashion houses have repeatedly organized open art exhibitions for the public, support young creators and promote interest in contemporary art as well as historical art.

The image of Berlin

The white color of Chalk combines the whole idea of the Max Mara Resort 2020 collection with its three themes: Marlene Dietrich's strict cut and styled shoulder line coat from two-sided cashmere and wool; shoulders that are decorated with Meissen porcelain-like flowers; men's trousers, wide and with a tight fit. The outifts look like the pictures of Marlene Dietrich, only with a subtle metallic fabric glow and a neo-primitive tight cut of fabric.

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Max Mara Fashion House has been aiming to convey values that are beyond its control: jewelery that complements fashion collections and stylistics. As Max Mara became the first fashion house to showcase its collection at the Neues Museum in Berlin, fashion designer Ian Griffiths decided it was the best moment to finally meet the long-cherished ambition. The result of the long creative process is the joint jewelry collection created with Reema Pachachi.

As mentioned before, one of the most impressive collections of prehistoric and early history artefacts can be found under the roof of the Neues Museum. Griffiths and Pachachi carefully reviewed the entire exposition and were surprised by the incredible sophistication and simplicity of some of the exhibits, although they were hand-made even when the concept of time measurement didn't even exist. Stone age tools, minimalist and delicate shapes give each object a distinctive character. The Bronze Age exposition was not indifferent aswell, actually being one of the most interesting exhibitions of the museum that includes a golden leaf helmet known as the Golden Cap of Berlin. A partially broken corset-belt, probably made of canvas, fascinated with its texture and gentle gloss. In the Iron Age Hall, ghost tips were distinguished from other exhibits, featuring the impression of graceful gravity, typical of Max Mara's classic coats.

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The Max Mara Jewelry Collection consists of 13 different models, all inspired by the Neues Museum exhibits: necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Each jewelry design was designed by Reemos, then made of copper and covered with silver, light gold and solid, pure bronze. The whole collection is dominated by three themes: planes with a stone-like surface, thin squares resembling a canvas soaked in molten metal, and petals connected to a chain or rings.

Reema Pachachi about the collection:

Max Mara is a wonderful fashion house because their clothes never overwhelm a person, but radiate elegance and subtle femininity, encouraging women to be themselves. In creating this collection, I took inspiration from the Neues Museum spaces and exposition - the environment is clean, modernistic, and the exhibits are as pure as rough, antique. This is the first time I have worked with copper or bronze, especially the latter has made a great impression. I am very pleased with the outcome of this joint project. ”


The jewelery collection was designed to be as versatile as possible, so the jewelry can be styled in several different ways.

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Max Mara 2020 Resort collection


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