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Summer, beach and sunglasses

With the hot days, hours come in the sun to enjoy as much heat as possible. To do that, we have to protect our eyes. And do it with the style!
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While we sit on the terrace with our favorite coffee, the sunbeams tickle our skin, we wish we had applied the sunscreen. And do not forget the sunglasses. We have collected the most beautiful sunglasses for the summer of 2019, which will certainly not leave you at home.

Gentle Fendi

Fendi and Gentle Monster become Gentle Fendi. The Italian fashion house, in collaboration with the Korean sunglasses brand, has created a capsule collection made up of the unmistakable DNA Fendis and the unique aesthetics of Gentle Monster. The result is two unisex styles that capture the trends of the time and are available in different colors.


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Viper Ørgreen

Ørgreen re-launches the Viper model with an aerodynamic shape and discreetly placed details that stylishly round off the sunglasses. Viper is available in five different colored lenses and four different titanium racks. The retrospective model creates a sense of nostalgia and is therefore particularly suitable for those who revel in past summers.


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1559932477400428 ss19 viper blue 4

3D Blade VIU

Combine cutting-edge technology with a sophisticated design? With the new 3D Blade collection VIU proves: That works! These futuristic sunglasses with an outer-space aesthetic combine functionality and technology with style. The three models - The Sprint, The Chase and The Track - of this new collection are made using a 3D printer, which fits perfectly with their visionary look.


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