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What are the benefits of baobab?

New toad of the followers of the living-healthy, this gifted ingredient combines the benefits.
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What's this?

As its name suggests, this tasty super-food grows on the baobabs, amazing trees of sub-Saharan Africa that can reach forty meters in height. Its hard shell is home to many seeds wrapped in white pulp, healthy nectar used especially to fight fever.

Multiple virtues

A true concentrate of beneficial nutrients, the white pulp of the baobab fruit heals all the ills, or almost: shielded of vitamin C, it constitutes an ideal anti-fatigue to recharge its batteries and reinforce its immune system at the end of the winter. With powerful anti-inflammatory active ingredients, it is also rich in calcium and potassium. The icing on the cake ? Filled with fiber, the fruit of the baobab is an ideal prebiotic to restore order in the digestive system as the weather approaches.

How do we eat it?

Available commercially in dehydrated form, it is added as a booster to our smoothies, diluted in our water bottle, and sprinkled on our desserts and other homemade granola.

Photography by Marine Billet

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