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What Is the Colour of 2020?

Rumours are circulating that Pantone's 2020 colour may be bleached coral blue.
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Creative duo Jack + Huei is said to have hijacked the Pantone colour palette and, in response to the environmental crisis relating to the Great Barrier Reef, decided to announce bleached coral blue as the colour of 2020. This shade resonates with the colour of 2019, the vibrant coral orange.


In 2016, more than 30 % of corals disappeared, and the process doesn't seem to be slowing down. Creative duo members Huei Yin Wong and Jack Railton-Woodcock describe the Pantone's 2019 colour as an utterly irresponsible choice, out of line with global reality.


Pantone's systematic colour matching system, published every year, is usually associated with lifestyle trends and global changes. The colour of 2019, vibrant orange with a light pink tinge, symbolises the warmth and comfort that the world of social media is lacking, encouraging people to seek exclusivity and personalisation.


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