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Why It Is Impossible to Lose Localised Weight

Are you working out but don't see the desired results? Here's why.
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Did you know that women and men gain and lose weight differently? Many diet and exercise practitioners have had to face the fact that the gender plays an important role when it comes to how the weight spreads throughout the body.


Men tend to gain weight in concentrated areas, like the stomach. It is also the first place the weight will disappear - after they commit to a diet and a regular exercise routine, of course.


For women, on the other hand, fat tends to spread throughout the body, focusing on areas such as the stomach, hips and thighs - something that is crucial for pregnancy, as the increase in fat in these areas means higher levels of estrogen, needed for fertility.


Some people believe there is a possibility of burning fat in a specific location. To lose weight, you need to lose it completely, that is, in the whole body. Therefore - to lose that unwanted fat you need to lose weight overall.


Why Do Men and Women Lose Weight Differently?

Men and women tend to lose weight differently based on the type of fat they contain and the factors to get pregnant. Weight loss has less to do with your body's natural shape and more to do with genetics, how your hormones and your metabolism works.



Can We Reduce Fat In These Areas?

If the first place you put on weight is your stomach, for example, you will probably start by losing weight in your belly, too. But if you exercise regularly and therefore increase your metabolism, it will help to reduce your visceral fat (accumulated around the abdominal organs, which is very dangerous to health).


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