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Why Karl Lagerfeld was absent from Chanel fashion show?

This is the first time the fashion designer has not greeted the public since his arrival at the head of Chanel's artistic direction in January 1983.
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In almost forty years of reign on the house Chanel, it is the first time that Karl Lagerfeld misses the call to come to greet the crowd at the end of his parade. This morning was indeed the haute couture Chanel show that each season, creates the event with its grandiose staging and collections always faithful to the spirit of the house at double C. Under the nave of the Grand Palais , the space had been arranged on occasion in villa on the edge of the Mediterranean and the models, including Kaia Gerber, paraded in a recognizable style among all. Absent at the end of the first parade, Chanel first indicated that the designer would be present for the second parade through an announcement made by Michel Gaubert, in charge of the soundtrack of the shows. This was not the case since Karl Lagerfeld did not appear after the second passage of his haute couture collection. The house Chanel finally said in a special statement that the grand couture "felt tired" by asking Virginie Viard, director of the creative studio, to come greet the guests in his place alongside the bride.

For more than a year now, speculation has been going on concerning the health status of the fashion designer who seems more and more weakened at each appearance. This unprecedented absence should help fuel the heat of rumors about a possible retirement of the 85-year-old man.

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