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Why Marc Jacobs' New Label THE Is Already a Success

Four years after the cancellation of Marc by Marc Jacobs, the most baroque of the American creators offers his new line THE.
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Pompous called layering, the grace of mixing eras, styles and materials is called the art of diversion. Alessandro Michele at Gucci understood it. Demna Gvasalia at Vetements and Balenciaga, too. Johnny Coca at Mulberry's. Already, at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs combined Belle Epoque luggage and Japanese neo-pop art. In New York, each of his parades is a projection of the contemporary era of a real or fantasy past: the Corpse Bride donning a sweatshirt under his granny square. Marie-Antoinette in a gown dress and stripes dressed for a rave.

"THE is an eclectic collection of articles," commented Marc Jacobs at the launch. Three letters. A particle borrowed from Instagram, @themarcjacobs. The label is a game of Scrabble where each token, piece, can accommodate each other. In short, the base is there: the cool kids do the rest. "We wanted to do something against the flow of our classic collections, something that works more in terms of objects.You can assemble them in your own way, it's more a question of style than total a look borrowed from a parade."


Also, Marc Jacobs envisions THE as a creative hub where energies and designers interact. A Peanuts jumper, a New York Magazine t-shirt, a D.Porthault dress... Hatter Stephen Jones is preparing a capsule collection of headgear and headbands for THE. The brand is also historically savvy. Many articles return more or less, for example, the grunge sweater that resonates Nirvana, when the victorian boot that calls for another counterculture, the Gothic at the crossroads of the 19th century and the 1980s... In the early 1990s, Marc Jacobs also caused a scandal when launching his Grunge collection for Perry Ellis.

The brand is only as strong as the team behind the scenes is, so THE has picked out some of the best in their field. Styling? The third eye of fashion aka Lotta Volkova. In design? The designer Olympia Le-Tan, who joined Marc Jacobs - and New York - in September 2018. The Scottish photographer Hugo Scott, meanwhile, immortalizes twins, sisters, brothers, almost all anonymous, including Shanae Mullings and her sister Shanika, in 1940s dresses, leopard stoles and logotomized tights.

Check out the collection:


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