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Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Holiday Gift Guide Is "Ridiculous But Awesome"

And it includes a glitter-dusted Ouija board, an LED lamp made out of bread, a healing session by a modern witch, a vulva-themed colouring book and much more
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Photo via Instagram / @gwynethpaltrow

It’s the most wonderful — and wacky — time of the year! Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has just dropped its annual holiday gift guide, and, as can be expected from the lifestyle slash wellness brand that propelled jade eggs and vagina-scented candles into the collective consciousness, this year’s wish list is as outrageous and over-the-top as ever.

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Instagram / @gwynethpaltrow

With a few nods to the age of quarantine, Goop’s Christmas curation ranges from the fairly ordinary (e.g. a wireless charging station with built-in UV LED sanitiser and a matcha starter kit) to the eyebrow-raising (e.g. a post-structuralist vulva colouring book and a transformable vibrator necklace) to the downright bizarre (a gemstone heat therapy mat, a collar and lead bondage set and a remote healing session by a beauty witch, anyone?). Paltrow has even dedicated an entire section to “ridiculous but awesome” gifts, which includes a cut of A5 wagyu beef worth over SGD 3,000, a pyramid-shaped commode and a mobile home office/yoga studio/bedroom.

Below, we round up eight of the most extravagant and, uh, unusual items you can consider for a truly unforgettable festive season.


Transpose the electrical currents emitted by your favourite houseplants into soothing music with this ingenious device.

1604948709650541 1 plantwave . goop
Photo via Goop

​​​​​​Edie Parker Ouija Board

Get into the spirit of the season (literally) with an Ouija talking board crafted in “hand-poured, glitter-bombed acrylic”.

1604948709866692 2 ouija board edie parker
Instagram / @edie_parker

​​​​​​Pampshade Batard Bread Lamp

Gwyneth Paltrow may be gluten-free, but that shouldn’t stop you from declaring your undying love for refined carbs with this rustic batard LED lamp, which is made of real bread coated in resin.

1604948710103827 3 bread lamp pampshade
Instagram / @pampshade

​​​Tsuchiya Kaban Watermelon Bag

Forget those reusable shopping totes, if you’re looking to step up your supermarket style, try this leather watermelon bag instead.

1605606096043868 watermelon bag
Instagram / @

​​​​​​Single Needle Hand Poke Tattoo Kit

Apparently, stick-and-poke tattoos hurt less and heal quicker than those done by machine, but still, maybe don’t try this at home.

1604948710581167 5 hand poke tattoo kit singleneedletattoo
Instagram / @singleneedletattoo

​​​​​​Modern Tiny Living House

A dream home, but in miniature. This custom-built tiny home takes downsizing to another level.

1604948710853586 6 tiny home moderntinyliving
Instagram / @moderntinyliving

​​​​​​Established Titles Pack

You too can be royalty, or at least nobility, thanks to this little kit that grants you a souvenir plot of land in Scotland and the title of “Laird” or “Lady”. 

1604948711108978 7 lordship title pack letthelordbewithyou
Instagram / @letthelordbewithyou

​​​​​​Igneous Bath Self-Heating Tub

Described as “functional art”, this sleek and sculptural self-heating bathtub is the definition of sheer luxury, because a regular shower just doesn’t cut it anymore.

1604948711381933 8 self heating bathtub igneousbath
Foto, izmantojot Instagram / @igneousbath

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