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Seal it with a Gift: The Budding Astrologist

Gifts for that person in everyone’s life who’s always first to let you when Mercury is officially back in retrograde.
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As we all take a collective breather from the insanity of ‘90s revival this past year, there’s no cultural hallmark of the decade that came back in full force quite like astrology. Whether it’s reading a daily horoscope off the back of gossip magazine or consulting a psychic for a taste of cosmic wisdom—for that person who lives their life according to the glittering stars and revolving planets above, check out this roundup of holiday gifts that are sure to send them straight over the moon.

Serpentfire Tarot Cards

This Toronto-based supplier of astrological goodies has re-designed a set of traditional tarot cards, giving them a modern yet mystical remix. Included are the typical arcana families, albeit with a chic and feminine twist with unique, digital illustrations. Whether it’s a decorative set for the coffee table or an investment for a true tarot reader, you can’t go wrong with these cards in your hand.

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Laboratorio Paravicini 'Zodiaco' Dinner Plate

For the astrologist who loves throwing dinner parties—check out this set of dinnerware inspired by the cosmic signs. With blue and gold detailing and illustrations of the zodiac animalia, each plate is handcrafted and is customizable upon request. Deck your favorite astrologist’s kitchen cabinets out with these zodiac plates and rest assured that the stars will align in your favor for 2019.

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Tiffany & Co. Zodiac Charm and Chain

A holiday, blue-box classic, this zodiac charm necklace is the perfect way to keep one’s star sign close to heart. With each astrological sign available, this necklace is a subtle and understated way to rep your star sign on the low. 

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Bernardaud Kintsugi Porcelain Teacup

Perfect for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or a clairvoyant reading of tea leaves, these delicate porcelain cups are the ultimate combination of utility and fine (witch) craftsmanship. Fashioned in the Japanese kintsugi style, where cracks and defects in the porcelain are repaired with liquid gold, each handmade teacup is perfectly imperfect. 

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Michael Aram Zodiac Box

A beautiful display piece for the vanity, this zodiac specific jewelry box is the ideal gift for the disorganized astrologist in your life. If you’re can think of a jewelry collection or two that could use some straightening out or decluttering, this marble and antique gold box could be just the magic they need. 

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Kendra Scott ‘Leah’ Mood Ring

Straight out of our childhoods, this bespoke, 14-karat gold mood ring is the trinket we played with as a kid, but all grown up. With a center stone that changes color based on heat, who really needs a therapist when you can read your emotions all by yourself?

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Prada Cahier Studded Shoulder Bag

This celestial take on a classic bag is an excellent way honor the closeted astrologist. Just spacey and mystical enough without being too over the top, this bag is a discreet way to show the fashionable astrologist in your life that reading the stars need not always be so bohemian. 

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Milk Makeup Astrology Tattoo Stamps

For the astrologist who’s too chicken to get real-deal inked, these Milk Makeup tattoo stamps are the perfect (and water soluble) alternative. Get them their specific astrological sign, or keep it generally ~celestial~ with the moon or star shapes.

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Capri Blue Mini Zodiac Candle

There’s no such thing as a birth chart reading party without candles! Keep your astrologist stocked up with chic votive candles made from soy wax with a fruity scent that will whisk you back to the tropics despite the chilly weather. Choose a lid based on zodiac sign, and honor the stars with every burn. 

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Zodiac Crew Socks

Finally, the ultimate holiday must-have: socks. Keep your astrologist grounded with these snug socks, complete with their star sign written in cursive on the back. Don’t forget their animal symbol too—it’s truly an astral wonder that they made scorpions look so cute. 

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