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The Best Hotel Décor To Take Home

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A great hotel is a bastion of finer living, where the reality of cramped apartments and commutes to work can seem so distant they don’t even exist. Leaving the hotel doesn’t mean having to leave behind the luxury lifestyle you’ve now grown accustomed to just because you’re checking out.  

Some of the best souvenirs of any trip are right under your nose before you go to bed. These hotel items offer the perfect remembrance of a great trip while being far more practical in the home than that knick-knack in the airport’s Duty-Free shop.

As a reminder, these hotels all have your credit card on file when you checked in, so even if you didn’t tap into the mini bar, the front desk can always just charge you for these things, too. I wouldn’t go taking anything big, but here’s what’s on the table. (And don’t take the table.)

Le Meurice, Paris – Lampe Berger Scent Diffuser

The lobby of Le Meurice, Paris’s beautifully opulent hotel along the Tuileries garden, smells of spring in full bloom. The aroma migrates around the room courtesy of a network of small scent diffusers from Lampe Berger.

Far better than a candle, these lamps burn perfume throughout the day and offer a broader range for the scent to travel to. The lamps can be bought online or at the front desk and are a perfect way to keep your home smelling just like the hotel did during your stay. Various scents for the lamp can be purchased online too. They fit on bookshelves, coffee tables, or tucked away in bathrooms or windowsills to keep any area smelling like Paris at all times.

Pro Tip: The hotel uses a signature scent made specifically for Le Meurice, if you’re really nice to the concierge, he or she may spare a separate bottle for you.

Gramercy Park Hotel, New York – Blue Bamboo Throw Blanket

Gramercy Park Hotel is the key master to so many of the city’s secrets: the bohemian past, the modern touches grand hotels evolve with, and a park locked up so that only locals or guests of the hotel may enter. The rooms are beautiful and planned for every last detail from scratchproof leather on the desk to Aesop products in the bath. The throw blanket though is a silky soft shimmering blue that perfectly accents any bed or sofa back at your place. The best part of the blanket is that despite being incredibly soft, it still feels warming and comfortable, a feat harder than it seems in the soft blanket department.

Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin – Kimono Robe

This manor-styled hotel features a master class level of interior design and luxe living for its guests. The place feels less like a hotel and more like staying at your in-the-know favorite aunt’s house for the weekend. It should only make sense that a hotel who’s vibe is feeling more like a home and less like a hotel, would ditch the fluffy terry cloth robes for something a little more exotic and interesting. The kimono robes offered to guests are inspired by Japanese summer robes and are all made with soft cotton and a trendy print. They also trade in fluff for a bit more shape and design—it’s the first robe you’ll want to put on to go get the paper in the morning.

The Plaza Athénée, Paris – Corkscrew

What is a great Paris getaway without a bottle of wine to kick things off with? The Plaza offers a great wine list and has corkscrews in each room. While other hotels may have a corkscrew tucked away in the mini bar, something plasticky with the logo printed on the leveraging side, The Plaza Anthénée makes these look like the Duke Boys can opener.

Polished wood covers the handle, with a heft and weight that feels like you can really sink the screw deep into the cork before pulling it all out of the bottle. It’s perfectly compact and a great way to remember living the high life overlooking the Eiffel Tower next time you’re pulling the cork out of some 12 dollar bottle before re-watching Friends.

Claridge’s, London – Ashtray

Okay so technically these aren’t on the menu as for sale items, but, like we said, they have your credit card. If you’re willing to part with what they charge you afterward for it, then do it. There’s also a whole swath of people that collect these things throughout the hotel’s storied history. Even if you don’t smoke, these make for great catch-all trays near the door for keys, loose change, etc. It’s an immediate way for visitors to know you travel in style.

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