8 summer-filled fragrances that are hard to resist

Immerse yourself in the summer vortex of flower blossom.
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Somei Yoshino - a delicate and elegant floral composition dedicated to the delicate aroma of Japanese cherry sakura. Its refined elegance invites to relaxing meditation. The aroma composition begins its sound with cool Japanese shiso, followed by subtle chords of honey and Indian jasmine that blend with the spicy scent of Indonesian patchouli.


Eau de Parfum (EDP) Somei Yoshino, BERDOUES

CLEAN "Blonde Rose" is a feminine harmonious flower, delicate, but refined and sexy. The freshness of the water and the spice of lime provide vitality, while the rose, jasmine and peony reveal a simple and lovely purity of aroma. The perfumer was inspired by an escape into a bubble bath full of rose petals and fantasy.


Eau de Parfum (EDP) Blonde Rose, CLEAN

It is a new kind of musky cypress flower aroma, delicate, seductive and powerful. Here are the petals of Isparta roses - the essence obtained in the Turkish rose cradle is specially prepared for Lancome. It enhances the refreshing, greening properties of the flower and helps to reveal the naturally glowing character of the Idôle.


Perfumed water (EDP) Idole, LANCOME

The refreshing chord of flowers and water continues the theme of flora, at the same time taking us to the blue sea surrounded by sunlight. In the aroma palette, jasmine, cyclamen, mandarin blossoms bloom first, and then peonies and lychees. It is a universal scent for both men and women.


Perfumed water (EDP) "Villa Simone", ALEX SIMONE

It is a wonderful, sunny, bright and elegant aroma of white flowers with spicy notes of pink pepper and juicy citrus. This combination of flowers creates the effect of flowering linden: yellow, sweet and seductive. It’s like a shimmering bouquet of flowers wrapped in a delicate and soft cloud of musk.


Perfumed water (EDP) Vittoria, ESSE STRIKES THE NOTES

The new fragrance California Dream is reminiscent of a romantic sunset in California, it is ephemeral, creating a unique moment, always different and intoxicatingly enchanting. The aroma merges with the citrus, warming aroma of mandarins and flowers, it is like the last crystal of light before the pleasures of the night.


Eau de Parfum (EDP) California Dream, LOUIS VUITTON

The refined aroma of Le Lion de Chanel enchants with its softness and warmth, like the soft coat of one of the fashion house's Chanel characters - the coat of a majestic lion. The composition of the scents is characterized by wild power, oriental halftones and eternal elegance.


Eau De Parfum (EDP) Le Lion, CHANEL

It is a collectible work that elevates the nuances of the enchanting color of lavender. The limited edition fragrance Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is inspired by the immense beauty that unfolds in nature in spring. Ripe berries, white gardenia, yostra heat, a pleasant aroma of patchouli and brown sugar merge here.


Perfumed water (EDP) Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, GUCCI

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