A Miracle From Nature

Taking its inspiration from nature, Nuxe promises a flawless skin with its organic ingredients.
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We no longer buy cosmetics, beauty and care products only according to their scent and function, as we used to do. Their environmentalist attitude, zero waste policy and whether they are vegan are among the new reasons for preference. Now, Nuxe has been added to the completely organic names.


Created with natural ingredients, Nuxe Organic series is coming to recreate your skin care routine. With its fragrances provided from 100% natural sources, certified organic ingredients and active ingredients derived from green technology, Nuxe aims to create a visible effect on the skin. The environmentally friendly organic series promises an experience that breaks down gender stereotypes in a sensual journey. Night care oil that targets problem areas, serum with antioxidant essence that revitalizes the skin, cleansing water that refreshes the skin, moisturizer obtained from botanical oils and many other products will allow you to feel the power of nature on your skin and discover the beauty.


Nuxe, which creates a mixed care collection, works for a healthy and radiant skin by protecting the skin barrier. While choosing packages that are easily degradable and recyclable in nature, it does not neglect to be environmentally friendly. With its content consisting of organic ingredients, Nuxe Organic series aims to protect both your skin and the environment by using nature.


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