A New Book About Rankin & Marco Antonio

A beautiful and aesthetic coffee table book about the work of two creative masterminds.
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Photographer Rankin and makeup artist Marco Antonio know each other through and through and are both well-known workaholics. They have collaborated on a variety of projects, from high-end campaigns to fashion and beauty series in leading fashion magazines. The compilation work Marco Antonio x Rankin exposes the artistic vision of the duo striking creations. Marco's sense of colour and Rankin's sense of humor, combined, lead to a visual party. But the book offers more than just eye-popping makeup photography; there is also an interview with the duo is in which these creative people philosophise about the role of beauty and makeup in modern visual culture. In short, a must-read for anyone interested in fashion, beauty, art, and photography.

Above: "Plastic Rainbow tastic" (2018).


Marco Antonia X Ranin, Rankin Publishing.

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Left: "Cry Baby" (2016). Right: "Life Is A Mesh" (2018).


Photography: Rankin
Makeup: Marco Antonio

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