Baby Botox: a More Natural Option for Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Learn more about the benefits of botulinum toxin micro-dosing procedure!
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Natural beauty has been taking over the world for some time now, and aesthetic treatments stay up to date with this new wave. The most recent innovation is Baby Botox, which prevents or softens fine lines with lighter results and uses a smaller volume of botulinum toxin.


"The procedure appeared as a counterpoint to the exaggerations that leave the face too frozen or too artificial," says plastic surgeon Dr. Mário Farinazzo, Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) and Head of the Rhinology Sector of the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP).


According to the doctor, this procedure can be done anywhere on the face - a delicate area that requires subtle treatment. Besides, Dr. Mário says it is a good option for patients who have never used botulinum toxin before. "In addition to decreasing doses, the applications need to be super targeted, as this will help to confer the cleanest result desired by the patient," he explains.

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Here Are the Main Benefits of Baby Botox:

Personalisation: With fractional doses, there is a higher possibility of customisation, including seeking better symmetry and facial harmony, restoring the balance of the face. Patients who accept signs of age but do not want to have noticeable wrinkles are the biggest beneficiaries of personalisation.


Prevention: As a subtle treatment, it can be used to prevent fine lines and wrinkles by starting applications in their 30s. "With patients under 30, the application is made in more specific cases, especially when we notice in this patient a characteristic or tendency that she will have or already have fine lines [early signs of aging on the skin."


Subtle maintenance of the results: The procedure can also be used as a maintenance strategy, and, instead of letting the injection effect pass entirely after six months, the monthly or bimonthly injections of botulinum toxin microdoses, which use about of a quarter of a standard dose, can retain their original appearance.

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