Bella Hadid bets on a new look

The model celebrated her 24th birthday in style with a new haircut and a private party with friends.
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To celebrate her birthday Bella Hadid made a hair transformation and had a luxurious walk with her friends, starting the new cycle with style. At first, Bella showed her new look on Instagram, betting on the cutting trend that is dominating 2020 but, in reality, takes us directly to a retro aesthetic. Bella is the newest fan of bangs, fringes with frontal cut, which perfectly frame the face and make her look even more refined.

To harmonize the new cut, the model had lightened the strands and used hair extensions. This hair transformation was made by two professionals from Jenna Perry Salon in New York: Jessica Gillin for her cut and Jenna Perry herself for the color.


Then Bella shared some photos of her private party on a private plane! 

"I usually cancel any kind of big birthday party, so this year I just wanted to take my friends on an adventure that was absolutely non-refundable" revealed Bella on her Instagram account, when posting a merry-go-round with several fun images of the moment. But the party didn't stop there! A few hours later Bella released images on a pier, next to a friend. 

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Instagram @bellahadid
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Instagram @bellahadid
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Instagram @bellahadid
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Instagram @bellahadid

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