Botox: A Solution Against Depression?

Researchers from the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of California have shown that, in addition to filling in wrinkles, botox may be an effective anti-depressant.
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The evil of the century. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), it is estimated that more than 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression. The subject is still taboo for some people, and the treatments vary between psychotherapies, psychological counseling, and even the use of cannabis. Now, a curious study links a procedure increasingly common in beauty clinics to the relief of symptoms of depression: botox.


Over the years, the application of botulinum toxin has become an alternative for those who wish to improve facial lines and work on their facial harmonisation. But, in addition to the various benefits that it can bring to our self-esteem, apparently this component can have a greater effect on our well-being, being a good help in the treatment of depression.


According to a new research published in Scientific Reports, it is not yet clear exactly why or even for how long botox can reduce the effects of depression, but big hypotheses have been made for this reason.



Researchers at the University of California's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences analysed more than 45,000 reports of people diagnosed with depression and their relationship to cosmetic procedures. Depression was reported 40% to 88% less frequently in patients treated with botox, in six of the eight injection conditions and sites.

The study divided the patients into different groups based on the reason they used botox, which included improving wrinkles and lifting the face to excessive salivation or sweating.

Among the possible reasons for the positive relationship is the fact that applying botox to certain areas of the face reduces the person's ability to reproduce expressions that convey emotions such as sadness. Another possibility is that this material can be transported to the structure of the central nervous system.







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