Calvin Klein's Latest Fragrance Was Created by Women for Women

The scent—led by an all-female superstar team—is as delicious as it is relevant, with its campaign doubling as a call to action.
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"Thank you for being here to celebrate with us. This is an important moment for our brand—very important, " begins Simona Cattaneo (Chief Marketing Officer of Coty) as we settle in for Calvin Klein's launch on Wednesday night. Talk about a strong opening line.

Presenting us with a series of panel discussions and workshops led by female leaders in their respective fields, it was clear from the get-go that this launch was no ordinary launch. That being said, Calvin Klein Women is no ordinary scent. Not only is this the brand's first feminine eau de parfum in 13 years, but it also marks the first CK fragrance for Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons. Why now? It's about time that a women's perfume drew inspiration from the multifaceted reality of modern feminine identity. Spearheaded by an all-female team, everything about Calvin Klein Women has been developed by women for women. During the launch's panel discussion, multi-award-winning actress Saoirse Ronan talked to us about what it was like to work with also multi-award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o and world-renown visual artist Anne Collier who shot the campaign.

"It was a true collaboration for all the women involved. Although the idea to use this fragrance to celebrate iconic women was always there, Lupita and I were asked to bring in our own visions and thoughts to the concept. Neither Anne, Lupita nor I really come from the world of fashion, so  this was a project we really believed in."

As such, the actresses are filmed bare-faced and in their natural elements: listening to their favorite records, sketching and reading—a celebration of authenticity. Moreover thanks to the talented minds of master parfumiers Annick Menardo and Honorine Blanc, we've finally been blessed with, in their words, "a fragrance for us and not to please others." By breaking the boundaries between otherwise gender-appropriated fragrance notes, the duo worked tirelessly for six months to create a "disruptive scent" that reflected the new disruptive chapter for Calvin Klein under Raf Simons. Indeed, the carefully combined notes of eucalyptus acorns, Alaskan cedarwood, and orange flower make for a beautifully powerful and fresh scent.

Calvin Klein Women was also developed within the context of a wider call to action. In the same way that Saoirse and Lupita were asked: "Which iconic women have most influenced you?" Calvin Klein invites you to reflect on how women from the past or present continue to pave the way for our development in contemporary society. Using the hashtag #IAMWOMEN or uploading your icons here, you're invited to join the conversation. Saoirse chose Nina Simone and Sissy Spacek for their authenticity and strength (and because they "remind her of her mum and dad"), while Lupita chose Katharine Hepburn and Eartha Kitt.

Who are some women who have inspired you? 

Calvin Klein Women is available in-store and online at Macy's.

To find out more about Calvin Klein's project, click here. 

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