Chanel: Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

Having mined such rich territories as color, deconstruction and artifice in her nine CHANEL beauty collections thus far, Lucia Pica considers texture for the FALL / WINTER 2018 COLLECTION. Tapping the emotional depth and visual intensity offered by matte surfaces, the selection of eye and lip colors in APOTHEOSIS, LE MAT DE CHANEL evokes a uniquely feminine sensibility – one of inner quietude, serenity and self-possession.
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“As the light darkens outside, you need a little extra help from color,” Pica says. “Winter is coming, your skin is growing paler and you have the opportunity to create stronger looks.” – Lucia Pica

Harmony between a woman’s internal and external worlds is captured in a color palette that brings earthy, autumnal shades for sculpting together with emotive color tones to be applied in washes or layered like vibrant oils. Their light-absorbing formulations seem to control and soften the force of their surroundings. At the same time, technical innovations provide comfort, elevating the matte products to the state of velvet and allowing them to retain their moisture as they become one with skin.

As always, Pica’s signature reds act as both counterpoint and provocation, more vivid than ever in their matte extremity.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” Gabrielle Chanel


With each of her collections, Lucia Pica fixes upon a new area of the beauty vocabulary, identifies an unexpected, untapped aspect for exploration, and then revises and refines that idea to its limits. In the FALL / WINTER 2018 COLLECTION, extremes of texture and color collide in a series of matte eye and lip products that go straight to the heart of the woman with whom Pica’s soulful, intelligent mindset resonates most.

“Starting with such an abstract concept as matte connected me directly to the woman who would wear this finish and to how that would make her think and feel,” Pica explains. “I imagine her as confident, sophisticated and elegant; intellectual but still daring. She’s completely unapologetic – my favorite kind of woman!” – Lucia Pica

Duality is bedrock to every collection by Lucia Pica, whose strategy of pairing products with contrasting visual effects serves to bring depth, emotion and modernity to the face. In the FALL / WINTER COLLECTION, a reimagined conception of matte is expressed via new translucent, moist finishes that nourish the skin rather than mask it. Their delicacy is emboldened by a rich palette of earthy shades, colored tones and vivid reds, which is further intensified by the light-absorbing textures.

Impactful and courageously contemporary, the crowning touch of this collection is its take on the classic black CHANEL packaging, which comes as elegantly matte as the contents inside.

THE COLLECTION Vibrant color and refined textures are taken to new extremes in a APOTHEOSIS, LE MAT DE CHANEL devoted to matte surfaces and the emotional states they inspire. “In autumn and winter, you’re more covered up, wearing more clothes perhaps. So you get to play with color once again, to bring the face back into prominence.” – Lucia Pica

“With texture, you can really explore feelings. This matte is like an aura of color that inspires a sophisticated mood in the wearer. It’s a little bit mysterious and it feels quite soothing to the viewer.” – Lucia Pica

“Your features can be made stronger and more defined in autumn; bold, super- extreme matte lips look entirely natural, for example.” – Lucia Pica

Nowhere is texture more palpable than on the mouth and with APOTHEOSIS, LE MAT DE CHANEL, Lucia Pica takes velvet lip color to unprecedented heights.

This sublime matte effect offers additional application methods as the APOTHEOSIS collection builds. With LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR MAT, the practicality of a pen meets the innate glamor if lipstick. Jumbo-sized and retractable, the crayons’ six intense new shades are boosted by their light- absorbing, creamy texture, gliding on in a gesture as intuitive as signing one’s own signature. At the other end of the spectrum, the sheerest cover of all comes with the flourish of a wand as liquid ROUGE ALLURE INK melts into the lips, leaving a fresh, mauve-pink “stain”.


“I like oppositions in makeup – looks that represent the multiple aspects of a woman. Matte applied to a glowy face creates a sense of depth.” – Lucia Pica

Lucia Pica’s love of opposites comes into play on the complexion with APOTHEOSIS, LE MAT DE CHANEL, which contrasts ultra-matte eyes and lips against dewy, unpowdered skin.

The soft mauve of the JOUES CONTRASTE provides a surprising diversion from the collection’s otherwise somber palette. The fresh pink warmth suggests a flush of natural emotion against the stronger, more constructed eye and lip looks.


“The opportunities for matte finishes are endless. In APOTHEOSIS, LE MAT DE CHANEL we even have matte nail varnishes.” – Lucia Pica

The glamorous side of tranquility is distilled into two new matte shades for the nails – a bold, enigmatic red and a rich burgundy. The arresting light-absorbing texture shrouds the nails in mystery, their surfaces guaranteed to captivate and intrigue.

“The matte colors of LE VERNIS don’t reveal themselves straightaway; they’ve a distorted quality, as if viewed through the filter of a Polaroid lens.” – Lucia Pica

This uncanny sensibility continues in the collection’s duo of matte shades. The elegant, lustrous finish yields a palette of red and burgundy.


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