Chanel invents Le Lift, the line that transforms the skin

A face cream available in three textures, a specific treatment for the eyes, Chanel imagines Le Lift as a range that firms, smooths, lends a new glow to the skin.
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Mademoiselle Chanel considered skincare products as “lifestyle” products to allow women to regain their beauty. Active, superactive, even hyperactive. Full of energy, desires, ambitions. Using time, and not undergoing it, to reveal yourself, to assert its beauty, is the postulate of this new line. The new generation of Le Lift treatments is thus integrated into this confident and controlled way of approaching life and the passage of time, between naturalness, performance and sensoriality. To satisfy this subtle equation, Cream and Eye Cream are reinventing themselves today in the Le Lift line.

The formula

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At the heart of the range? A transformative power. By relying on natural active ingredients, the range is efficient, powerful. The new treatments contain an active ingredient extracted from a plant cultivated in France: alfalfa. Minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, this frail-looking plant owes its nutritional richness to an extremely developed root system, capable of drawing nutrients from the soil to feed each cell of the plant. Well known to healthy eating enthusiasts, alfalfa is usually eaten as sprouted seeds. From its seeds is extracted by green chemistry the botanical concentrate of alfalfa, true quintessence of the plant.

This active ingredient combines performance and softness for the skin. Its double-level action, which targets both the epidermis and the dermis, can be compared to that of the reference anti-aging molecule retinol.


Le Lift creams come in three soft and smoothing textures, made to measure by the formulators of the House Research. The dosage of each ingredient has been worked with precision to offer three distinct sensorialities, three sensations that adjust to the needs of the skin and make it firmer, smoother, more luminous with a refined skin texture.

  • Fancy delicacy? The Lift Crème Fine delights with its airy appearance and its fresh, light feel.
  • Fancy fondant? The Lift Crème combines softness and comfort.
  • Want tenderness? The Lift Crème Riche delivers an enveloping sensation of balm.

For the eyes, a targeted treatment, dedicated to this fragile area, permeable to the effects of time. Wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles and bags, drooping eyelids appear over the years. To provide a targeted response to each of them, Eye Cream is reinventing itself today. Because a fresh and luminous look, with smooth and uniform skin, without wrinkles or fine lines, without dark circles or puffiness, is enough to appear younger and more radiant, Le Lift Crème Yeux tackles the loss of skin tone and the radiance of the eye area, as well as its comfort and homogeneity. Smoothing and firming cream, specifically formulated for this sensitive area, it combines botanical ingredients, at the most effective concentration, and high tolerance formulas which give pride of place to ingredients of natural origin.

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