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When Lucia Pica, the global creative designer of make-up and color of Chanel, goes on a trip, it gives Desert Dream, a spring-summer 2020 collection inspired by definitely poetic travel shots. Nails, eyes, lips, and complexion reflect a gentle journey.
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In search of inspiration for her Spring-Summer 2020 collection, Lucia Pica took a photographic journey to the heart of an ancestral desert. An expedition that revealed a whole new vision of color.

The collection

Lucia Pica thus unveils a palette with desaturated tones, in a chromatic field new to her. The Desert Dream collection reveals a harmony of peach roses, cool browns and romantic mauve undertones, whose iridescent, even metallic, textures are reminiscent of the buried treasures of the desert.

Like distant memories tinged with dreaminess, the Polaroid shots inspired the collection, using the peaceful colors of these prints to illuminate the face with a subtle emotion, Lucia Pica plays with an intense and mysterious purple on the eyes, an aura of warm light on the cheekbones and the burning red of the desert on the lips to sublimate the inner peace, the calm and the absolute fullness of the woman.

A trip to the heart of an ancestral desert reveals a new unexpected palette for the Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Its powerful and desaturated tones evoke quartz, basalt and shale at the foot of the gigantic dunes, radiating gently under the relentless sun.

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Sparkling light and intense warmth are at the heart of the collection. The pinkish beige highlighter ÉCLAT DU DÉSERT, with its embossed surface, reveals the curves so characteristic of the desert dunes that inspired Lucia Pica for its Spring-Summer 2020 collection. A touch of ESSENTIAL BAUME Golden Light illuminates the face with a hint of freshness and offers a healthy glow and a tanned complexion.

Apply this illuminator on the light reflecting points: the cheekbones, the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the chin. The ESSENTIAL BALM can also be used to bring a touch of light to the eyelids and lips.

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The flagship colors decline a sublime mauve, a magnificent cold brown, a peach and a light pink. All are available in LES 4 OMBRES. A deliberate choice to create a veil of purple and desaturated mystery on the eyelids. Thus, the look is sublimated very gently. The SHADOW AND CONTOUR PENS coffee brown and intense pink mauve highlight the look or blend to provide a creamy base for LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadows. The soft mauve shades of the Elemental variation and the opulent pink hues of the Warm Memories harmony blow a wind of romance and tranquility, but they can reveal their power when stacked.

Applied with fingertips or using the eyelid duo brush, a touch of SHADOW PREMIERE Rayon or Rose Quartz brightens and opens the eyes, while the purple brown of Vastness spread over the entire eyelid makes the glitter sparkle. look of a glamorous color.

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The extreme and hallucinogenic heat of the desert sparkles in the two lipsticks, Rouge Brûlant is a bright orange-pink, available in the creamy texture of ROUGE ALLURE. This modular color intensifies with each pass. Lucia Pica's tip: pinch a handkerchief between the lips to remove the excess between two applications. The Endless, ultra-matte shade completes the range of ROUGE ALLURE VELVET EXTREME. Its rosewood tone with warm accents will be enhanced by a touch of Burning Red in the center of the lips to create a contrast of colors and textures: together, their matte and creamy finishes blow hot and cold.

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Like the tender mauve emulsions of Polaroid prints which sublimely capture the desert, LE VERNIS is adorned with mystery. Depth and serenity emanate from the opaque shades Mirage and Daydream, in contrast to the heady warmth and dazzling light of the other products in this collection with evocative power.

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