Colored lines

Black eyeliner is a classic one, but in the warm season, make-up artists offer to replace it with a colored eye contour. Simple, playful and effective.
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Just like highlighting an eyelash growth line with a black outline, so with color - you need to be careful and be able to draw symmetrical lines. For those who are proficient, it is worth trying not only colored eyeliners, but also liquid contours that require more precision.

If your eye contour is harder to draw, start with softer pencils, and then, as you learn, you can use other tools without fear. One of the tricks to help mask the unevenness of the contour is to scatter the drawn line with a brush, but not over the entire eyelid, but only along the line of eyelash growth. This will create a softer and less binding makeup.

Brightly colored eye contours are on top this season: neon green, pink, purple, various shades of blue, and a metallic effect such as gold or copper. If you’re not afraid to try a brighter color, first opt for more subtle options that aren’t too different from traditional black. It can be deep dark green, night sky blue, brown, or a dark shade of purple.

In summer, you can combine eye contour colors and create graphic drawings of several lines. When painting your eyes with multi-colored contours or one but bright, opt for natural face and lip makeup.



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