Dakota Johnson becomes an investor and a creative co-director of sexual wellness brand

The actress intends to demystify the theme of sexuality while delivering quality, simplicity and inclusion
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Dakota Johnson has just added another profession to her resume! In addition to acting as a model and actress, the brunette who gained worldwide prominence in the saga "50 Shades of Gray" plunges once again into a universe of pleasure and sexuality. That's because she has just become an investor and creative co-director of Maude, a company focused on sexual well-being that sells products ranging from intimate massagers to bath salts and lubricants - all, of course, with an elegant and minimalist.


"Sexual well-being is a fundamental human right," says Dakota on her Instagram account, as she shares the news. "I strongly support Maude's mission and have everything to do with my fundamental beliefs about sexual health," she adds.

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“Not only is maude a WOC-founded company, it is boldly and intelligently forward thinking in an industry where the conversation and narrative around intimacy products is antiquated. I believe that sexual wellness is a fundamental human right. Consensual sex and intimate pleasure is self-care for all bodies. Every human should have access to quality sexual products regardless of their gender, adult age, or sexuality. “ -Dakota Johnson


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