Dry, Damp or Wet: When Is the Right Time to Untangle the Strands of Hair?

Although it looks simple and free from harm, combing the locks at specific times can be a big mistake.
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Untangling the hair may seem like a simple process, but when done wrong, it can be very harmful to hair health, causing the locks to break or have excessive frizz. Thus, in order to escape from the error, the hair therapist Pietro Trindade explains the ideal moment to remove the knots from the locks without harming them.

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Although it is a habit for some, especially curly ones, Pietro says that detangling them when they are still wet is not the best option.


“When the hair is wet, the strands are swollen and give the false impression of being thicker, but the opposite is true,” says the expert. “In this state, they are even more fragile and break easily, even if combed carefully.”

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According to the expert, dry threads are stronger, but less flexible, especially for curly hair. According to Pietro, untangling the hair whena it is very dry makes the process much more complicated because the strands are more rigid. When untangling them in this state, the chances of wire breakage and wire damage increase.

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The ideal is to combine the flexibility of the wet strands with the strength of the dry strands. Therefore, the best time to comb the locks is when the strands are damp, in the middle. However, the expert gives a hint on how to do this process in the correct way without harming the wire structure. “Start by untangling the tip, which is the thinnest and most sensitive part of the wire. Then, go up to the top of the head, but gradually, so that the knots are completely broken and without breaking them,” he explains.

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The Ideal Brush for Every Hair Type

Smooth & Wavy

To untangle smooth and wavy hair, Pietro gives the following option: hollow models, since the brush design does not retain water from the hair and helps to untangle it while also massaging the scalp due to the “balls” that are at the ends of the bristles.



For curly hair, invest in brushes or wooden combs. The market offers several versions, but those with spaced pins are great for untangling the curls without deforming them, preserving their texture and reducing the frizz of the locks.

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