Fenty Beauty Reveals A Lipstick For Each Star Sign

With Fenty Beauty announcing new products all the time, its latest innovation is lipsticks inspired by each Zodiac sign's personality.
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Rihanna has an amazing career in the music business and has become one of the most powerful and influential women in the world today - and the richest in the music industry, according to Forbes.

Many celebrities have used their popularity to take different business opportunities; however, few have been as successful as Rihanna. Her beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, has been setting new industry standards since its founding and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. What started as just an idea of the singer to create highlighters and foundations for every shade, has now become a beauty empire.

With news coming and going all the time, one of its latest innovations is lipsticks inspired by each Zodiac sign's personality. From the "social and versatile" Gemini, to the "intense but passionate" Scorpio, to the "sweet but dangerous" Pisces, there was no sign left out.

You can get these fantastic lipsticks at Sephora for € 20.90 each. Check them out:

1565891146527583 aries
Aries: confident, straightforward, a true boss - MA'DAMN!
1565891146772406 libra
Libra: sweet and alluring, leaves you wondering if they're single - S1NGLE.
1565891147001381 peixes
Pisces: for the creative Pisces that can be sweet as candy or lethal like venom - CANDY VENOM.
1565891147233437 aquarius
Aquarius: for the rebellious and independent Aquarius that ain't afraid to throw some shade and clapback - CLAPBACK.
1565891147513392 cancer
Cancer: for the loyal cancer who has hella moods, PMS is always one of 'em - PMS.
1565891147776041 capricornio
Capricorn: for the ambitious Capricorn that works hard but knows when to turn up - start the party with a lil' Freckle Fiesta - FRECKLE FIESTA.
1565891148031483 g meos
Gemini: for the social and versatile Gemini that's down for a girl's night or chillin' with one of the boyz - ONE OF THE BOYZ.
1565891148341740 leo
Lion: for the bold and blunt Leo that always keep it saw-c - SAW-C.
1565891148648132 sagitario
Sagittarius: for the feisty and free Sagittarius that can't be tamed - we see you dragon mami - DRAGON MAMI.
1565891149067880 scorpio
Scorpio: the intense and passionate Scorpio bringin' the violet fury heat - VIOLET FURY.
1565891149410767 touro
Taurus: for the grounded and resilient Taurus that can definitely handle a lil' spice - MIDNIGHT WASABI.
1565891149726457 virgem
Virgo: for the meticulous and reliable Virgo that's always makin' moves - BALLERINA BLACKOUT.

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