Ferragamo - the new fragrance of the Florentine Maison

Antoine Maisondieu presents the new male Ferragamo, a modern fougère, olfactory transcription of a brand in balance between heritage and modernity.
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The bottle design was developed starting from the legendary Gancini buckle, the testimonial is Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, the son of Martha Fiennes (the director of "Onegin"), grandson of Ralph and Joseph, and an actor in turn, or better a young idol after the sentimental "After". The author of Ferragamo, the last man of the Florentine Maison, is Antoine Maisondieu, to whom we owe successful fragrances for Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Comme de Garçons, Tom Ford.


«The first thing I thought, when they asked me for a perfume for Generation Z, was: I will not treat these kids by drowning them in the usual fruity notes. I imagined a fougère where the leather is immersed in the musk to soften it, and I used both the flower and the green leaves of the violet to give an idea of humidity. I didn't think of it specifically for men or women: it is simply a modern fragrance. It is the first time that I work for Ferragamo, a brand that I respect very much for the balance between past and future, heritage and modernity, as well as for the exceptional craftmanship. And I find Paul Andrew (the creative director, editor's note) a very interesting designer. For a long time I hated men's perfumes, because they were always all the same, then in recent years they have become interesting, while women's perfumes, after the planetary success of J'Adore, generally fall into a very obvious floral-fruity-gourmand cliché. Even if things have changed recently."


The new perfume Ferragamo also recognizes bergamot, Maisondieu's fetish material: «I love it, because it is timeless and aristocratic, it makes me think of Burt Lancaster in" The Leopard"". And then there is the musk, «Magical, mysterious, sensual indeed sexy, without ever being vulgar. I don't like opulent fragrances, and I am convinced that one can be just as creative by working for commercial or niche brands. With the difference that, at least for men, commercial perfumes are always the ones that launch trends and make the history of perfumery».

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