Follow Elle Fanning to bring TikTok makeup trends to the red carpet

At the end of the year, when the parties are scheduled to end a jubilant 2021, this makeup trend is one of the most interested topics. The secret lies in perfect lips.
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At the 2021 LACMA Art + Film gala sponsored by Gucci, Elle Fanning chose a dominant style to focus on sensuality, romance and mystery with a see-through black dress. The outfit helps to highlight her outstanding white skin. As an addition a salty makeup fits perfect seductive shape.

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One of the factors that makes Elle Fanning's look so mature is her sleek, polished up-do style by hairstylist Jenda, with light roots and dark ends. Color comes with accessories. Sharp black eyeliner, rosy cheeks transformed subtly like bringing to life a character in a novel. A beauty classic was tested here: wine-colored lips.

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The most prominent of the make-up are the seductive, neatly drawn lips, combined with a slight splash outside of Fanning's lip line, Merlot's lipstick is the secret revealed by makeup artist Kate Synnott. Dark lips always create a perfect look for a glamorous girl who dominates every party.

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And while there's a lot of pout about Fanning's Gucci moment, imagine lips like that paired with a turtleneck and denim jacket evoking an entirely different vibe. That may be why wine-stained lips have found recent fans on the TikTok platform, who "worship" the mystical beauty. Burgundy lip lends an effortless charm even in just one glance. Wherever she is, that girl will always stand out from the crowd by possessing a classic beauty, with lips like juicy black cherry, or glossy grape skin.

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