Gemstone Facial Roller - Fresh Skin and Detoxification

Jade and rose quarzt facial rollers – these beauty tools promise a fresher complexion. They are included by famous beauty bloggers in facial care routine. Beauty rollers are super trendy, promising healthier, more beautiful skin and a cooling effect.
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What do facial rollers do and how do you use the beauty tool correctly?

Those who incorporate beauty rollers into their facial care routine can enjoy a healthy glow after a short time.

You could say that the rollers look a bit like small dumbbells or painter's rollers - only much prettier and, of course, rock hard. There are two stone rollers attached to the handpiece, a larger one for facial areas such as the forehead and cheeks, and the smaller roller for the eye area, for example. When using the beauty tool, the skin's own vitality and regeneration is stimulated and collagen and elastin formation is boosted.

You cannot expect a real anti-aging effect, because wrinkles cannot simply be massaged away. However, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage can slow down skin aging. Products that are used in combination with a beauty roller can be better absorbed into the skin.

These useful facial rollers made of healing stones have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since the 7th century. The best-known facial rollers are the green beauty rollers made of jade and the pink beauty rollers made of rose quartz. Mistakenly, all facial rollers are called jade rollers, but the stones differ in their healing power.

Jade and Rose Quartz Rollers: The Difference

At first glance, the two classics differ only in color. Jade rollers are green and rose quartz rollers are pink. Both rollers have smooth stones that pleasantly cool the skin. However, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, different effects are attributed to the stones. Jade stones have a cleansing, decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. In addition, jade in Asia stands for the feminine, for beauty and nature. Jade rollers are recommended especially for impure skin. Rose quartz, on the other hand, stands for love, friendship and harmony. The healing stone is said to have a calming effect and is used, for example, as a natural cure for headaches. Rose quartz rollers have a calming effect on stressed, irritated skin.

Facial Massage with Beauty Rollers

A massage with a facial roller helps to achieve a plump, fresh and rosy complexion. The right technique stimulates the skin's metabolic processes and removes toxins faster. Puffiness is relieved and the massage can even calm stress hormones.

IMPORTANT: Always roll from the inside out. Start to use the beauty tool from the center of the face and roll it toward the temples or forehead. Starting the massage at the décolleté will activate the lymphatic channels.

Other tips:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Application can be done daily for 5 -10 minutes
  • Each place on the face is rolled 3 times
  • Storable in the refrigerator for maximum cooling and decongestant effect
  • Clean Beautyroller after use
  • Less is more: a light pressure is enough
  • Preparation: Clean face and/or open pores with a steam bath
  • Active ingredients of sheet masks can be worked in even more intensively with the Beauty roller





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