How does the way you wash your hair affect your hairstyle?

Follow these tips for a more effective result
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When it comes to styling your hair, you may find that your hairdryer, flat iron or any other appliance is the most important element in your routine - but the real secret may lie in how you wash hair.

Often, shampoo can leave your hair a little unprotected, and it can be clean, but a little dry and full of frizz . This can leave your locks without the healthy looking shine that most of us are looking for, leading to overuse of products and difficulty in styling.

But the secret is to start with the right product in the shower. What you need is something that cleans your hair, but the most important thing is to keep it really hydrated.



For anyone with visibly dry hair, the idea of increasing hydration probably seems like a good idea. However, we suggest that all types of hair can benefit from such formulas - yes, even if your main concern is the lack of volume or hair loss.

The trick is to look for ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner that add hydration and increase shine without overloading it. This will make your natural hair texture look healthier.

That said, the exact ingredients you need will differ depending on your hair type. For hair that is not too thin or thick, choose a formula rich in vitamins to increase shine, such as vitamins A, B and C. For thicker hair, shea butter is still one of the best ingredients for deep hydration.

As for individuals with very fine hair, it is better to avoid salt sprays (those that promise the appearance of post-beach hair ), as they dehydrate their hair. Instead, try to strengthen your hair with ingredients like biotin and keratin, even before applying the conditioner.




Once out of the shower, there are a few tricks to keep moisture locked in the wire as well. First of all, try replacing your usual towel with a soft, cotton towel. Replacing your pillowcase with a silk one also prevents more water from draining from your hair during sleep.



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