How to apply lipstick correctly?

Every girl has her own secret to successfully applying lipstick. Someone applies a lip pencil only to emphasize the contours, and someone around the entire perimeter of the lips. In this article, we'll show you how to properly apply lipstick and wear it throughout the day.
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How to apply?
Prep your lips and apply lip balm a few minutes before application. For a short-term quick effect, the Carmex balm is well suited. Then, carefully apply the lip liner. Don't go far beyond the natural lip contour. This will make them look clearer and cleaner. Important - the color of pencil must match the shade of the lipstick.

If you are using a light lipstick, then most of the lips can be filled in with a pencil, and the rest with the lipstick itself. This way the makeup will last longer (even under the mask).

If you choose a red or dark shade of lipstick, then it is better to first fill your lips with lipstick (along natural contours), and then emphasize the contour with a pencil. Lipstick doesn't last as long as pencil (due to different densities), and mixing textures will help increase makeup's hold. Otherwise, by the evening only the contour may remain from the lips.

If you want to visually enlarge your lips, then this is an excellent tool. No, we will not advise you to buy palpers that are hazardous to health and you should not go beyond the natural edges of the lips either. Take your regular lip gloss and apply either around the entire perimeter, or run a neat strip on the lower lip. Good shine is in the Givenchy line. This way you will achieve the desired effect neatly and quickly.

How to make lipstick last longer?

To increase the durability of the lipstick, blot the painted lips with a napkin, apply a small amount of powder, and then another layer of lipstick. So, you wear it for a few hours longer.

Use a small tissue to prevent lipstick from staining your teeth. Roll it into a roll, wrap your lips around it and pull it out. This will help keep excess lipstick on the napkin rather than on your teeth.

Photo: Sue Lyon (Bert Stern for Stanley Kubrick's “Lolita”, 1962)

How to take care for your lips?

It is important to remember that lipstick fits well on moisturized lips. Therefore, you need to take care of them all the time, and not just before applying lipstick. Therefore, make gentle lip scrubs, try not to forget about balms and hygienic lipsticks, and choose lipsticks with moisturizing action. Such lipsticks are found in almost every line, for example, lipstick Beauty Lip Color from Tom Ford.

A little tip: there are lip balms with tints, like MAC. If you don't want to apply bright lipstick, but you want to see a light shade on your lips, this is an excellent combination of moisture and color.

These simple rules will keep your lips from drying out and your lipstick will look much better.

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