How to Match Your Lipstick With Your Nails

Lipstick and manicure: to match or not to match? We turned to Chanel for advice.
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On the one hand, matching your lipstick with your nails provides a clean and polished look. On the other hand, a combination of different shades can provide a stunning colour combination resulting in a striking beauty look - and Chanel seems to choose the second!

Rouge Coco Flash

In 2019, Chanel launched a new beauty line, Rouge Coco Flash, consisting of 27 shades of lipstick, from nudes to fuchsias and more. Our favourites from the range: Ultime, a raspberry brown red; Live, a wood color with a touch of gold; Bohème, a subtle raspberry pink to bright pink; Amour, a deep raspberry pink; and Dominant, a strong brick red colour.

Now Chanel has expanded its Rouge Coco Flash palette with 12 new intense shades of lipstick and a selection of nail polishes to match. From now on, you can choose the right colours for the right mood at a glance!

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