How to prevent matte lipstick from drying out the lips?

Lifehacks from the make-up artist Alina Silivanova

Wipe the lips with lipstick before painting them! You can use a special lip scrub, you can make it yourself by mixing sugar with honey. If you don’t have these ingredients on hand, just massage your lips with a toothbrush. A balm is needed after the scrub. While you are doing makeup, your lips will be saturated with moisture. If the matt lipstick is covered, do not use any special applicators and apply the lipstick with a thin flat brush. This makes it easier to control coverage. Do not paint your lips with a thick layer. The thicker the coating, the stronger the feeling of dryness. Try to keep as little moisture as possible on the lips (this happens automatically when you lick your lips). As the moisture evaporates, the skin of the lips dries out and eventually begins to flake off.


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