How to wash your hair to maintain volume for a long time?

Following tips will save you from frequent shampooing.
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1. Comb your hair thoroughly before washing your hair. Begin from the tips, smoothly moving to the roots of the hair.

2. Apply hair oil to the ends and comb them. Ideally, leave it for 15 minutes before morning shampooing, additionaly apply oil before bedtime.

3. Choose a shampoo that matches your hair type.

If your hair is colored, then prefer sulfate-free shampoos. It may take a long time to get used to its features (less foam, for example).

Sulfate (still free of bad sulfates) shampoo can be used for uncolored hair with oily roots.

It is better to look after curly hair with a cleansing conditioner - such hair is prone to dryness.

4. Thoroughly rinse off the shampoo.

5. Apply the conditioner only on the tips and average length, otherwise it will make the hair heavier. Use masks appropriate to your hair type weekly for extra moisture and shine.

6. Do not comb wet hair - it spoils their structure!

To facilitate subsequent combing, lower your head and pat your hair with a towel on both sides with quick movements.

P.S. Do not use too much shampoo, a teaspoon size will be enough. Foam the shampoo and rub it into the roots of the hair. To add volume to the hair - lower your head.

These recommendations will take a little more time than usual, but observing them, you won't wash your hair that often.

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