What are the major beauty trends of 2020?

From neon looks to retro cuts, what are the major beauty trends of 2020?
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Although in France the trend is for "no-makeup Makeup", irreducible beautists are betting on a return of worked beauty. The Euphoria series has already breathed new life into spectacular makeup in 2019. Has the series helped to open the doors to new trends in 2020? The question remains. One thing is certain, this year marks the (long-awaited?) return of sophistication. Inspired by what retro has done best, the beauty gurus encourage us to bet on pop, tangy, almost indecent colors.

Here, in pictures, 14 inspiring makeups, from glossy to shiny:

The Afro spirit 70s

It has been available everywhere on Instagram for a few months. The Afro cut, very popular in the 70s, is back in force. Recalling the Peace & Love years, disco and the icons of music, Afro is available today everywhere and on all hair lengths. Ladies with curly hair, this is the trend for you.

The Shag

It's the it-girls' haircut. Allowing for an easy-to-master and easy-to-style hair style, this haircut reminds us of Joan Jett and the whole spirit of rock'n'roll.

The Neon Eye

Exit the black liner, hello in pop colors. For a sophisticated look, you can wear it at the eyelash, above and below. For the rest of the face, we put on something very minimal to balance.

Glowy skin

The obsession of the year? Hydration. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. This is the very principle of beauty made in Korea , more and more popular across the globe. What is the secret of a beautifully beautifully glowy ? An 11-step beauty ritual, consisting of hydration, care and skin balance phases ... A whole program.

French manicure 2.0

Nail art is also coming back. A great classic in the beauty of the nail, the French Manicure also has an update based on colors and more daring shapes.

Glitter fever

Directly inspired by the Euphoria series, the whole world is obsessed with glitter. Whether in light touches or solid, we want it everywhere, all the time.

The floating liner

Inspired by retro makeup from the 60s, the floating liner is one of the obsessions of the year. Be careful, it requires a certain mastery. To inspire you with the best, watch without delay "Who are you Polly Magoo?".

Passion blush

In 2020, we use and abuse the blush. Raspberry, coral or peach, it is worn very high so that it comes to structure the face and surround the eye.

The face as a work of art

This year, follow your creativity. This is the year when you have to dare everything on the makeup side. Rhinestones on the face, neon colors, yellow chick lips, rain of stars on the cheeks ... Do not deny yourself anything.

The structured square

There are two teams, those who like long, loose, loose hair and the others. If you are in the other team, you will (or have you already?) Surely fallen for an ultra 90s saloon. He has already made it-girls around the world succumb, why not you?

Glossy lips

The lipstick is dead, long live the gloss. No more obsession with matte lipsticks, the trend is for glossy lips, delicious at will.

The corner of the pop eye

Make maximum impact with minimal effort by adding a touch of iridescent color to the inner corners of the eyes. Be bold with bright colors or accentuate a smoky eye with a metallic shadow that guarantees that all eyes will be on you.

Pastel smoky

The biggest beauty trends of 2020 focus on the eyes. The pastel eyeshadow gives you the effect of a worked look without having to spend 45 minutes in front of the mirror.

Bushy eyebrows

There is no longer any question of taming stubborn hairs. What we want today is a natural eyebrow, simply enhanced with eyebrow gel.

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