Why do I need a separate cleaner to clean my eye makeup?

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Do I need a separate cleanser to clean my eye makeup?

Traveling can be done with one tool, such as micelle water, but I am in favor of having a separate cleanser for the eyes. Just because eye cleaners are softer and softer for the sensitive and thin eye area of the skin. Best of all, oil-based, so the oil cleans the shadows, the ink and nourishes the skin. I recommend Dr. Hauschka Eye Makeup Remover. It also contains my favorite rose water, which soothes the skin, and the oils still nourish the eyelashes and eyebrows. Oil-based cleansers have now improved greatly, leaving them with no-one-to-one fatness or eye twitching.

At some time of the year, hair is very slow. Maybe you would recommend any perfect measures to increase the volume?

First of all, you need to rescue your hair, it can only be a seasonal shift, or maybe something more serious, a preventive check of your thyroid. Secondly, it will not be enough to increase the volume of the measures alone, I suggest you try headaches that stimulate blood circulation and stimulate hair growth, such as Alterna 's Caviar shampoo for thinning hair and Alterna 's Caviar density spray. Well, finally, I recommend the use of spray powder, which lifts the hair from the roots and gives volume, such as volume and texture Label.m providing spray.


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