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Through an innovative approach to research, La Prairie has mastered the Art of Caviar, pursuing innovative techniques to explore new avenues of possibility, sourcing caviar of the highest quality – a rich source of nutrients beneficial for the skin – and capturing its quintessence in uniquely sublime formulations. Caviar Extract was first introduced in Skin Caviar Complexion creations, followed by Caviar Water.
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Skin Caviar Powder Foundation goes beyond mere makeup. It is the first powder foundation infused with Caviar Extract for complexion perfection.

Gliding on flawlessly to envelop skin in a silky veil of complexion enhancing colour, Skin Caviar Powder Foundation begins as a creamy base and sets to a cashmere-soft finish. A sublime fusion of caviar science and colour artistry, Skin Caviar Powder Foundation combines Caviar Extract with an advanced blend of pigments in a sublimely textured, indulgent foundation.

SPF 15/PA++ helps to protect against UVA and UVB rays, while La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex infuses skin with nutrients beneficial for the skin. It offers buildable, blendable coverage for a matte yet luminous, fresh look all day long.

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As an homage to the minimalist lines of the Bauhaus movement that remains a key influence for La Prairie’s design aesthetic, Skin Caviar Powder Foundation is nestled in a sleek cobalt blue and chrome compact. Its shape – a perfect square that fits in the palm of the hand – is elegant and unexpected. A delicate gesture allows the compact to open, revealing two mirrors – one regular and one magnifying. Its architectural design makes a beautiful vessel for unparalleled complexion perfection.

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The Powder Foundation Brush features exquisitely soft bristles that are secured to the base in a fan shape, making application a delight.


Skin Caviar Loose Powder is the perfect conclusion to an indulgent beauty ritual – the first loose powder infused with Caviar Extract for complexion perfection. Skin Caviar Loose Powder sweeps on lightly, embracing skin with the most feather-light whisper of powder for
a flawless finish.

A sublime fusion of caviar science and colour artistry, Skin Caviar Loose Powder combines Caviar Extract and an advanced blend of pigments. Further enhanced with La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, infusing the skin with beneficial nutrients, Skin Caviar Loose Powder provides unparalleled complexion perfecting benefits in a gossamer-textured veil. It illuminates the complexion and sets makeup for an all-day youthful, natural, shine-free finish.

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Housed in an elegant, round, cobalt blue jar that recalls the purity of the Bauhaus aesthetic, Skin Caviar Loose Powder has an innovative hinged lid to ensure an elegant gesture.

The perforated interior lid is equipped with a unique closing system – the first of its kind – that ensures the fine powder remains within the jar until just the right amount is released for use. It also comes with a complementary portable jar that can be easily filled and transported for touch-ups during the day.

For a perfect application, the long, ample, velvety bristles of the Loose Powder Brush are cropped at a subtly rounded angle to better caress the contours of the face.

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Skin Caviar Powder Foundation SPF 15 UVA / PA++ and Skin Caviar Loose Powder enhance the Skin Caviar Complexion offer, which also includes Skin Caviar Concealer • Foundation SPF 15, La Prairie’s dewy natural looking foundation and its exquisitely matched concealer compact enriched with Caviar Extract, and Skin Caviar Essence-in-Foundation SPF 25/PA+++, the first compact foundation infused with Caviar Water. All the Skin Caviar Complexion creations are perfectly matched to offer bespoke blending for complexion perfection.

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