Lady Gaga's Beauty Campaign Without Photoshop

The singer's beauty line seems to already be a success.
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When Lady Gaga registered the Haus Beauty brand in February 2018, we were very excited to see what it would bring to the world of makeup, perfumes, and skincare.

Now the first images of Haus Laboratories have been released and not only do we get a peek at the makeup line, but we also see Gaga without any Photoshop editing. Four images have been published so far, two showing singer with her iconic platinum blonde hair and dramatic makeup. But it is not the elaborate eyeliner that has grabbed the people's attention.

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Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The @trendmood1 account on Instagram shared the campaign images, and the comments could not be more positive:

"I love how your promotional photos are no longer edited! You can fully see your natural facial features and the real texture of your skin!; "She sells cosmetics, not Photoshop."; "I love how natural her skin is and how they have not edited much!" wrote the fans of the singer.

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Photo: Reproduction / Instagram
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Photo: Reproduction / Instagram
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Photo: Reproduction / Instagram
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