London’s First Medical Fitness Center

Lanserhof, a health and fitness center in London, supports the rightful awakening of the world of fitness.
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When we look at the history of the fitness industry, we can easily understand its dynamic. Many years ago, people used to exercise using dumbbells, bars, or other equipment. Afterward, various cardio machines, such as cycling and treadmills, were used. All this has contributed to the development of our abdominal, back, and leg muscles. At the moment, the fitness world is witnessing a significant awakening. This suggests that the bodybuilding method will soon work with a system that is quite different from the present. Nowadays, people who want to gain muscle weight, instead of throwing themselves into a long-term marathon prefer the easy way to use drugs or unsuited training programs. Unwise training opens the door to health problems in the long run. The awakening of the world of fitness aims to provide awareness that muscles should develop healthily and that training is better without a drug load.


This change, with which the whole world gradually becomes familiar, leads to the opening of medical gyms. One of them is the Lanserhof at The Arts Club, which brings together about 30 successful specialists and doctors and offers a service far beyond what we are used to with innovative medical treatments. Located in London's Mayfair district, the city's most exclusive health and fitness facility offers its members a unique training program in line with their physical fitness. Aiming to give them a healthy lifestyle, Lanserhof prepares a holistic training program by focusing on the medical diagnoses made by experts. The Lanserhof features an MR laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, fitness rooms, consultation rooms, treatment rooms for injuries, advanced cryotherapy rooms, studios for group work, and carefully selected eating menus. Those who have a common goal in both health and fitness have access to the best care, health, fitness motivation, and guidance support at Lanserhof.

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