Passionate Spirit

The bold, independent character of Gabrielle Chanel in GABRIELLE CHANEL Twist & Spray and Hair Spray.
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In 2017, CHANEL created a fragrance in her honor, a reflection of her extraordinary, determined and passionate spirit: GABRIELLE CHANEL. From the scent to the bottle—both firsts in the history of CHANEL—and the choice of name, it pays tribute to the woman she was before Coco Chanel.

In 2019, GABRIELLE CHANEL Eau de Parfum is reinvented with GABRIELLE CHANEL ESSENCE. Familiar but unlike no other, this new olfactory variation shows a more vibrant and opulent side. Inspired by the very essence of Gabrielle’s radiance, the fragrance shines with intensity, inviting all women reveal their true selves, to follow their instincts by expressing their freedom and speaking their mind. The voluptuous scent works its magic to reveal each individual identity.

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Solar, it heightens the dazzling charisma of the woman who wears it with warmth and luminosity.
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CHANEL presents the ad campaign for the new fragrance GABRIELLE CHANEL ESSENCE, incarnated by Margot Robbie. Directed by renowned photographer Nick Knight, it sets the Academy Award nominated actress and producer Margot Robbie against a white and gold background that calls to mind a fragrance with a solar hue composed around a heart of four white flowers: tuberose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and orange blossom. The luminous Margot Robbie is at the center of a whirlwind of white and gold veils that she twirls in an elegant dance to the music of Halo by Beyoncé.


An allegory of a radiant and fulfilled femininity, this campaign is the continuing story of the GABRIELLE CHANEL fragrance. Once again, it echoes the life and personality of Gabrielle Chanel, a pioneering woman who went against the diktats of society to choose her own personal and professional destiny. “I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am”* she said, reaffirming that nothing was more important to her than her freedom. Choosing who she wanted to be, and becoming that person.


After the birth of a rebellious woman who sees the horizon open towards her freedom, illustrated in the first chapter of the GABRIELLE CHANEL fragrance, we are witnessing her fulfillment in the second film. Shining with elegance, Margot Robbie incarnates a free woman who has discovered who she is and shows herself to the world, radiant and fulfilled. Still a rebel at heart, the woman who ran to freedom in the first opus now takes flight in a whirlwind, spinning the veils around her the way she manipulates rules and constraints with elegance and finesse. Confident and serene, she is in perfect harmony with her desires, in full control of her life and her destiny. Incredibly unique, she is a source of inspiration for women, as Gabrielle Chanel was and still is today. Margot Robbie is just as much a role model by her commitment to numerous causes including advocating for women in the film industry through her work at LuckyChap Entertainment.

Available in the counters starting from September 1st


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