The"Yoga Skin" a new obsession with make-up addicts

Exit ultra-covering products and contouring, the trend is to the lightness and glowy of "yoga skin".
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Another trend born on Instagram. The "Yoga Skin" is THE new make-up trend of the year. Quintessence Less is More and the search for natural beauty, this make-up glow may well agree everyone. With its effect "post-yoga" (hence its name), this make-up wants to give a healthy, moisturized, almost wet skin. Decryption in image.

This creamy make-up marks a turning point in beauty trends and the way we consume products, goodbye ultra-covering products, too heavy, which hid the whole face, and hello light products and naturalness. Does your skin tend to shine? It's not a bad thing anymore.

So we put on products with cream or gel textures. In pictures, some examples to inspire you:

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