Retrospective 2020: The most popular beauty trends of the year

Celebrities bet on colored hair, fun makeups gained prominence showing a phase of experimentation and innovations in the industry. In addition, self-care has become essential. Check out the biggest beauty trends of the year!
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Dye your hair at home

With months of isolation, there is nothing more natural than wanting to innovate, or even keep your beloved color. Instagram accounts have become great allies to showcase the new looks - from fun versions with fantasy colors, even light changes like strands in the 2000s style fringe.





Easy maintenance haircuts

There is no denying that we are living one of the years when bob is in full evidence. Besides it, even shorter looks like the shaved head became a trend showing that in 2020 practicality and innovation in the look became essential!





Simple hairstyles

Braids and ponytails have become fashionistas' favorite hairstyles! Small details like scrunchies have also dominated social media, showing that accessible and easy-to-do visuals are the big trend of 2020.




Skin care at full throttle

The so famous spa day became essential during this phase, and skin care at home became great allies for self-care. Whether with the purchase of incredible products or even homemade versions with products we found in the fridge, there was no lack of options - and photos of these incredible moments on Instagram.



Fancy and colorful makeup

A year of experimentation! On the one hand, basic makeup gained prominence, bringing a powerful touch to everyday life, colorful and artistic looks took over the social networks, showing that makeup is also a way of escape and that it can bring moments of great relaxation at home!



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