Roja Dove: the New Parfum-Cologne Collection

The Parfum-Cologne collection consists of five iconic scents for men: Elysium, Scandal, Vetiver, Enigma, and Danger, which are now available in the Roja Parfums boutique in Dubai Mall.
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Parfum-Cologne is the new collection of fragrances created by Roja Dove. This highly original line is structured to be as enlivening and refreshing as a classic Eau de Cologne, as the formula is very long-lasting, enhances the top notes, and allows the fragrance to display its characteristic freshness on the skin for hours longer than usual. The Parfum-Cologne style showcases a scent that is incredibly refreshing but still has the rich and enduring base of an Eau de Parfum.

Each scent boasts fresh, lively notes to create a light and vibrant scent, with warm and sensual notes that last for hours on the skin. Whether it’s the ultra-fresh fragrance of Elysium, the head-turning scent of Scandal, the earthy allure of Vetiver, the rich oriental blend of Enigma, or the tantalising risk of Danger, premium ingredients create unforgettable scents that engage every sense.

British Perfumer Roja Dove

“The worldwide success of Elysium showed to me that our male clientele responded incredibly well to the Parfum-Cologne style I created especially for the scent. I have decided to expand on the style by bringing four of my iconic Pour Homme scents into what is now the Parfum-Cologne Collection. Danger, Enigma, Scandal, and Vetiver now join Elysium to create a series of utterly addictive fragrances,” Roja Dove commented on his latest creations.

Roja Dove is one of the world’s most respected perfumers. The creator of Roja Parfums – the most successful launch in Harrods’ history – is globally renowned for working with only the finest ingredients in the world. To The New York Times, he is ‘a master tailor of scent.’ The Financial Times considers him ‘a legendary figure in the world of scent,’ and GQ has declared that Roja has ‘the greatest nose in the world.’

Rolls-Royce, Champagne Laurent-Perrier, The Victoria & Albert Museum, and The Macallan are just some of the world’s most prestigious brands that have called upon Roja’s inimitable style. Such collaborations confirm Roja’s place at the forefront of artistic innovation globally. 

The international success of Roja Parfums, combined with the creativity of its eponymous creator, led to Roja’s appointment as an Ambassador for The GREAT Britain Campaign – celebration of the best in British craftsmanship and innovation.

Roja Parfums - The Finest Fragrances in the World

Created By British Perfumer Roja Dove, Roja Parfums is widely recognised as one of the world’s most luxurious fragrance houses.

Roja Dove is renowned for working with only the finest quality materials; from Rose de Mai, Jasmine de Grasse and natural Ambergris - all costing considerably more than pure gold - to handmade, silk-lined boxes that have Swarovski crystals or 24-carat gold-coated caps. The brand also offers candles with their fine fragrance oils mixed with the finest wax and painstakingly poured by hand - everything is made without compromise.

Each scent is made in England, and Roja Parfums is an authentic proof of the beauty of British perfumery.

When it comes to luxury fragrances, there is nothing quite like Roja Parfums. The scents of Roja Parfums are stylish, contemporary, and long-lasting, recalling the luxury of the past while anticipating the expectations of the future.

The concept for Roja Parfums is simple; it is Roja’s fundamental belief that there is a perfect perfume for everyone, and the collection is a balanced palette of scents that allows each client to find the perfect scent for them.

Widely recognized as the world’s most luxurious fragrance house, Roja Parfums has over 50 stores across the globe. The Parfum-Cologne Collection retails at 293 € for each 100ml bottle.

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