The power of daylight

We tell you everything you want to know about the effects of daylight on our health, and how to get more out of it.
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Most of us spend most of our lives with only exposure to indoor neon lights. Although we would prefer to use more daylight, we are more exposed than ever to artificial light since we operate in indoor spaces, especially in winter. An in-depth study of around 1,600 employees shows that the "access to natural light and exterior views" is number 1 on the wish list. Being employees too, we are constantly looking for ways to benefit from a little daylight. Does it really have a positive effect on health? Can we take advantage of it? Not surprisingly, the answer is yes!

What are the benefits of daylight?

  • It is a support for vitamin D

When you get enough sun, you take advantage of vitamin D (also called sunshine vitamin), which positively affects skin and bone health, plays a supporting role in preventing heart disease, helps prevent gain weight and help fight various types of cancer. So the more you increase the amount of natural light in your home or workplace, the more you can get.

  • It prevents seasonal depression

In particular, the fall and winter months are melancholy times for many people. In these seasons, which can cause seasonal mood swings and negatively affect morale, daylight is becoming more important than ever. Because daylight directly affects human energy and soul.

  • It provides sleep patterns

It's not surprising that natural light affects both, as mental health and sleep often progress together. An employee study on this subject shows that better exposure to daylight leads to better sleep.

  • It protects against damage caused by fluorescent lighting

The more you access the natural light source, the less time you spend in artificial light in neon lights. Although compact fluorescent lamps are generally considered safe, exposure to this type of light can be seen by some people as very stressful. In addition, when your main light source is composed solely of CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps), your risk of migraine and eyestrain can also increase.


How can I benefit from daylight?

  • Use mirrors inside

Mirrors help reflect light. Sunlight from the window is reflected in the mirror, which increases the brightness between the four walls. In addition, some interior design experts are known to contribute to the mirror effect by using metallic objects such as brass chandeliers or silver sconces.

  • Get rid of the curtains

Although the curtains are one of the essential elements of the decoration, it is clear that they are one of the obvious obstacles between us and the daylight. It's time to say goodbye to thick and excess curtains. You should also allow the sun to wake you up in the morning. Remember, this is an important step in your sleep cycle.

  • Color intelligently your interior

If you want to use enough daylight, you have to be careful about your choice of wall color. You can choose bright paints in pastel colors close to white. In this way, you can ensure that the daylight entering it diffuses and is reflected more. You should also remember that the floor is as important as the walls. You can choose light-colored rugs to brighten up the room.

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