The Secrets of How Celebrities Fight Cellulite

Cellulite is one of the most mysterious phenomena in the body. However, most women don't know the cause of it or how to deal with it.
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Even the most famous, beautiful, and slender women in the world admit to having orange peel skin and are willing to share their ways of fighting cellulite. Here are some of them!


Designer Victoria Beckhamwholeheartedly believes in the effectiveness of anti-cellulite creams and lotions, so she regularly uses her favorite Karin Herzogbody products.


Model Miranda Kerris a supporter of dry body scrub. Not only does dry scrub help remove dead skin cells, give it elasticity, firmness, improve lymphatic function and blood circulation, it is also extremely effective when combating cellulite, the model says.


Singer Jennifer Lopez has a strong belief in the power of lecithin, a potentially fat-melting fat, so she chooses lecithin-rich foods (especially spinach) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, the singer often flavours salads with flaxseed, which is considered a weight loss aid.


Opinion maker, model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian puts her impressive shapes on Velashapeand Viora Reaction. In order to achieve the best results, Kim combines both treatments.


Actress Olivia Wilde is a sworn fan of anti-cellulite massages. According to the actress, regular massages are the most appropriate and effective beauty treatment for smoothing her body skin and eradicating cellulite.

The model Claudia Schiffer focuses on the body's own fight against cellulite, not the outer. She often enjoys green, herbal tea, tomato juice, fatty fish, and avocado. In addition, her menu is always dominated by "leaner" citrus fruits rather than the sweet ones full containing a lot of calories.

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