Tips for festive make-up at home

Neringa Šimkutė, the beauty editor of L'Officiel Lithuania, shares her beauty tips.
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Festive makeup. What would you recommend?

The basics of any make-up is well-prepared facial skin, so I recommend that you pay the most attention and time to it. Before makeup, it is useful to pamper the skin with a moisturizing face mask. Follow with intensely moisturizing, brightening, natural glowing serum. If the skin is very tired, gray and has lost its vitality, it is worth trying special quick-acting ampoules or concentrates. Usually, such products not only instantly revitalize the skin, but also perfectly prepare the skin for the long-lasting makeup. Next, a make-up base is also necessary. Choose moisturizing, whitening and suitable base for your skin type.


Due to the pandemic beauty trends have changed, so it is the eyes that I recommend to brighten the most. Don’t be afraid of festive brilliance, especially gold and other metallic tones. Shiny shadows and eye contours are now especially on the wave. Apply a lot of mascara on the lashes, and give extra shine with shimmering finishing touches or details.


Shine your lips subtly. Avoid very obvious lip contours. I would rather choose a soft, natural, kissed lip effect. Matte lipstick has already lost its position, so I recommend choosing a well-moisturizing, satin lipstick or even lip gloss. It was brilliantly one of the brightest returns of 2020 and they have no plans to escape in 2021. A kind of fashionable vampire, "grunge" style is still on, so you can boldly brighten your lips with dark, berry colors, and choose smoky eye makeup for your eyes. Shine bright!

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