Summer’s Beauty Must-Haves for Perfect Skin and Hair

The finest new beauty products will help you to cultivate the appearance of a Riviera lifestyle, even if you're trapped in an office all day.
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As with the cheeky bikini trend, summer beauty is all about going bare. The goal is to achieve clear, even, glowing skin and tousled ocean hair. It's almost time to start highlighting with sunscreen and using crème shimmer in lieu of contouring. MLBB, or “my lips but better” glosses and stains, triumph over liquid lipsticks for long days in the sun, as does ditching the full coverage foundation and baking powders for a tinted face oil and SPF. The summer complexion is all about personalizing a Riviera lifestyle, even if you’re trapped in an office all day. For a summer glow and attitude to match, try any of these hand-selected summer skincare bests. Even if you can’t go to Portofino, you can still look like you were just there.


Augustinus Bader The Cream

Rarely does a new product make tsunami-like waves among editors, makeup artists, dermatologists, and the whole beauty industry in general like Augustinus Bader has. This cream comes in an original formula as well as a rich version for drier climates and mature skin. Try it and you’ll develop an addiction to perfect skin and compliments. We warned you.


Kosas Tinted Face Oil

Since its launch last summer, clean beauty brand Kosas’ tinted face oil has been on the lips (and faces) of some of the most beautiful people. The product has ten different shades and also doubles as skincare. Its deeply hydrating properties give skin a youth-boosting summer glow. Don’t let the name fool you: this base can cover. The medium, buildable coverage is sure to cover up even your wildest summer nights.


Biologique Recherche P50 Corps

Everyone loves cult-favorite chemical toner P50, or “Jesus in a bottle”, but did you know the exfoliating giant came in a body version too? You're welcome.


Future Cosmetics Beauty Drops No. 3

This small, lesser-known Israeli brand makes some of the greatest herbal serums, masks, and products on the market. Use these beauty drops before moisturizing in the morning and night to make sure any breakouts or uneven skin stay at bay.


Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

This cleansing balm smells like Capri and feels like an at-home spa treatment. Balms are an amazing way to clean your face without stripping away your skin's natural barriers. After massaging this balm into your skin for about a minute, wipe off with a warm damp microfiber cloth (which is included with the balm) and admire your baby-smooth skin.


Kosasport LipFuel

This hyaluronic lip treatment comes in clear, pink, and berry colors for the perfect summer “my lips but better” moment.


Biologique Recherche Serum Placenta

What post-inflammatory redness? This serum should be renamed “eraser” because of how quickly it repairs skin after damage from breakouts or sunburn. This is especially amazing if you’re going through a moment of skin difficulties. Apply 2-3 drops all over the face after toning and watch the magic happen, practically overnight.


Playa Ritual Hair Oil

Not only does this hair oil do everything you’ve ever wanted an emollient product to do - tame, condition, smell great – it also protects strands from UV damage. This should not leave your makeup bag all summer long, or frankly, all year round.


African Botanics Firming Botanical Body Oil

Marula oil is glistening on the skins of beauty experts everywhere right now. This cold-pressed formula tightens and moisturizes skin to an enviable level. Bathe in this before a bikini moment to stun fellow beach-goers.


Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Eye Mask

Did a long, rosé-filled brunch at Le Club 55 turn into a night ending in the wee hours of the morning? No problem. After 10 minutes, these Korean eye gels will make any dark circles or puffiness disappear...just in time to do it all again.


Biologique Recherche L’Eauxygenante

Airplanes and travel dry skin out to an almost chalky degree. Take this little potion of vitamin A and C everywhere you go to stay hydrated without disrupting your skin’s pH balance. Your face will thank you.


Sisley Sunleya SPF 50+

Do we even have to say why sunscreen is so important? As far as SPFs go, this one’s the absolute best for sun-sensitive skin.


Biologique Recherche Masque VIP 02

If by chance you’ve splished and splashed a bit too long in the sun and you’re looking a little pink, reach for this oxygenating mask to calm any bits of sunburn. Pro tip: leave in the fridge for an ultra-cooling effect.

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