We found the best Christmas gifts for lithotherapy lovers

For a Christmas under the sign of wellness we found the 8 most original and fashionable gift ideas.
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Stones Club Starter Set

Seasoned lithotherapy fan and amateurs eager to learn more about the holistic universe will find what they are looking for thanks to this well-felt starter pack! On the program: crystals, Palo Santo and a booklet that reveals tips and tricks for daily use of lithotherapy. 

Classic box, € 59. XL box, 89 €.


Lightstones lip oils

What if we combined the virtues of stones with cosmetic treatments? With its magic lip oils, Lightstones invents the concept of lithocosmetics: in other words, treatments in the service of holistic beauty. These lip oils infused with precious stones envelop us in a protective halo, the designer Sarina Lavagne d'Ortigue also likes to talk about "empowering" cosmetics. The winning formula? (balm + gloss) x crystal energy = Lightstones. A fun algebra equation that makes us want to get back to mathematics ...

€ 35 for 10mL. Available from December 17th.


Gua sha body Holidermie

We usually know the rose quartz gua sha reserved for facials. What about the rest of our body? Exclusively, Holidermie has created a self-massage tool adapted to our needs, allowing lymph drainage and deep detoxification, firming the skin and stimulating blood circulation. Ideal for eliminating toxins accumulated during the end of the year festivities.

Gua sha in rose quartz, € 70.


Glacce Amethyst Straw

What other more hip and wellness way to drink your elixir than using a straw adorned with a semi-precious stone? This is the bet on which Glacce has bet, offering a utensil with minimal appearance and beneficial properties. Thanks to this straw, align with the energies around you and naturally detoxify your body.

Amethyst straw, $ 48.


Life on Venus candle

They are called The Tigress, The Light of Peace, The Soul Corpus or The Force of Life. These 100% plant-based natural wax candles not only smell to swoon, but also spread positive waves around you. Each case contains semi-precious stones according to your needs and envelops you in softness. Tiger's eye, garnet, rose quartz, sodalite, obsidian, blue chalcedony: it's up to you to choose your favorite.

Scented candle, € 39.


3rd Eye Palette Solov

Even makeup begins to enrich its powdered products with crystals. Experience the vibratory power of the harmonies of powder eye shadows, true eye-shades with precious multi-effects for a radiant, solar and radiant look.

Palette available in 5 colors, one for € 220. The integral, 1008 €.


Headache Magic Aquarian Soul

Formulated with essential oils that soothe thrilling and painful headaches, this roll-on combines the virtues of quartz and amethyst. Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy booster on the planet, while amethyst is a natural tranquilizer that enhances spiritual awareness. The extra tip to adopt it without hesitation? Its minty, green, fresh and slightly floral scent.

$ 22 for 10mL.


CrystalLove Obsidian Comb

Because self-care also involves some hair problems, it is essential to give your hair all the attention it deserves. Thanks to this comb, you stop torturing your fiber and take extreme precaution to disentangle your hair. This daily gesture associated with the virtues of obsidian will restore strength and shine to your mane ... To amaze those around you in deconfinement.

Comb, € 36.


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