Wedding Beauty: How To Prepare For The Big Day

The ultimate guide to looking fabulous on your wedding day!
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There is no denying: the premarital phase can be extremely stressful. With so many things in mind like cake tasting, dress, table arrangements, and flowers, it often becomes challenging for the bride to know how to treat herself. When should I take care of my hair? What moment should I think about the skin? Continue reading to find out how to prepare for the big day!


Four to Three Months Before the Big Day: Make an Appointment With Your Dermatologist

If you have skin blemishes, acne problems, uneven pigmentation, or any other cause for concern, this is the perfect time to start a powerful treatment with your doctor. He will recommend the best solution to your problem, be it utopian products, medicines, or even laser sessions. All this care may take months to work, so it is best to start early.

Three Months Earlier: Start Thinking About Your Eyebrows

Do you have a problem with the shape of your eyebrows? Or filling them in? Then this is the time to start treating them and understand what will suit you the best. If you want to apply some paint, such as henna, this is the perfect time to start to find out what you like best.



Two Months Earlier: Time to Start Testing Self-tanning

Many brides opt for a pale appearance, but for those who prefer tan skin, this is the time to start preparing. Whether with professional's help or using tanning products by yourself, it should be done carefully. Get to know the products and take the time to adjust the color. If you prefer to get a professional's help, schedule your last session three days before the event, and avoid last-minute changes to avoid unpleasant surprises. But if you prefer to do it yourself, exfoliate the skin before applying the product to prevent possible unevenness.



One Month Earlier: Invest In Keratin Treatment

If you have rebellious or frizzy strands, you should consider going to a hair salon for a keratin treatment. The texture of the hair should be under control so that the hairstyle can be sustained throughout the event.



One Month Earlier: Do the Eyelash Extensions

If you want to get eyelash extensions for the big day, it is best to have them applied one month in advance to ensure that your eyes have no adverse reactions. So after the first test, simply touch up a few days before the event.


Three Weeks Before: Take Care Of Your Smile

The time has come to consult your dentist for a good cleanse and considering a possible whitening if you are keen on drinking dark beverages.

Two Weeks Before: Rate Your Hair

Prepare your hair for the big day: evaluate the colour, condition of roots, and any other factors that may bring some trouble. If the colour is not in the desired shade, there is still time to correct.


A Week Earlier: Time For Food Containment

Avoid too many carbohydrates, excess salt and alcohol. These things cause the body to retain fluid, thus ensuring malaise and swelling, including in the eye and face region.


Three Days Before: Time to Shave

To avoid skin irritation on the big day, epilation 72 hours before the ceremony time will be perfect.


Two Days Before: Prepare Your Nails

The exchange of wedding rings draws great attention to the bride's nails. So now is the time to take care of your hands and nails to make sure they are fabulous!


Wedding Day: Prepare Your Skin

Before you even start makeup, it is best to gently exfoliate and moisturize your face and body to ensure that your skin looks fantastic for the event.


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