What Are the Most-Searched Beauty Ingredients on Google During Quarantine?

Time to step up our skin care routine!
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The coronavirus pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives, but an unexpected opportunity that the quarantine gave us was the chance to renew our focus on our skin care routines. With the ability to not only improve the appearance of our skin (amplified by decreasing the pressure of wearing make-up when working at home), our skin care rituals also allow us to slow down, focus on self-care and counteract the effects of stress that the pandemic left.


This slower pace has led many of us to spend more time investigating what we really need from our skincare products as well, arousing a renewed appetite to understand the specific ingredients that fuel our favorite formulas, helping us to make the best choices. However, with so many ingredients to choose from, it can be confusing to know which ones we really need.


Below we reveal the skin care heroes that have been researched most on Google - how many of the top ten do you use in your routine?

10. Ceramides


9. Niacinamide



8. Witch Hazel


7. Benzoyl Peroxide


6. Salicylic Acid



5. Squalane


4. Hyaluronic Acid


3. Castor Oil


2. Retinol


1. Vitamin C



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