New video from Apple to open mouth

You may know Apple's Videos Taken with iPhone or Shot on iPhone. Forget it all. Say hello to the new video that will leave your mouth open!
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Apple's marketing strategy is very clever and different from standard ways. For example, the technological devices it introduces are already making their own advertisements with their hardware and innovations. However, in addition to all of this marketing tactic, Apple has reached a considerable fan base with a video series that has become more important in recent years.

In these campaigns called Shot on iPhone or Taken with iPhone, we coincided with a series of photos or videos taken entirely with the iPhone. These videos, which are generally quite object-oriented, emphasized the camera capabilities of the iPhone. The next video targets the same logic, but with a difference.

Forget the Shot on iPhone videos that have surprised us so far. When Apple watches the video that became viral in a short time when it publishes the last of its Experiments video series this year, you will understand better why we say it. Shot on iPhone - Experiments III: Cascade is a video shot with only the iPhone XS.

Apple also publishes how this amazing video is made, aims to see how artists work in detail to the top of our astonishment.

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